About me

I would describe my art as being very inspired by the Symbolist movement and the teachings of Carl Jung.

I am very interested in exploring the subconscious through my paintings and I consider my canvas to be a sort of mirror between the known and the unknown.

At the same time I very much love comicbooks and various other subcultures such as Sci fi and Fantasy and I think that these genres influence my work as well.

It is important for me that my paintings remain open and contain an air of the mysterious.

In my eyes art is one of the means with which we can communicate and understand things that exist beyond language. 

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  • Solo Exibition 'Meeting the Goddess' at Gallery KBH Kunst, Copenhagen


  • Group Exhibition at Gallery KBH Kunst, Copenhagen
  • Decoration of set design for the Green Day Musical at Malmö Opera
  • Book cover illustration for The Incorrigible by Harriet Dumont


  • Group Exhibition 'High on Lowbrow II' at Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg


  • Solo Exhibition 'Call of the Wild' in Room at Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen.


  • Group Exhibition 'High on Lowbrow' at Gallery Wolfsen, Aalborg.
  • Group Exhibition 'Tilbage til Skagen' at Kulturhus Kappelborg, Skagen.
  • Collaboration and Showcasing of project with Mona Luxhøj Madsen at Hofteatret, Copenhagen.



  • Solo Exhibition 'Glem Alt om det Søde Eventyr' at Gallery Kbhkunst,     Copenhagen 
  • Participant in the event 'En Hyldest til Livet' in Copenhagen.


  • Groupshow at Gallery Kbhkunst, Copenhagen.


  • Participated in Roskilde Åben, censored exhibition, Roskilde
  • Exhibition in the VIP area at Peace and Love festival, Borlänge



  • Exhibition at Glassfabriken, Malmö